Hoarding New-generation Mods

:angry: Hmm. I really miss the old days of FTP. 10 years ago I had an Amiga. I could go to Uni and download tonnes of mods, bring them home, listen and dismiss many of them until I had some that I really liked. Better still there used to be HEAPS of Mods collection CDs for sale… and at cheap prices too.

My question is this: what’s happened?? Nowadays it seems that if you want to listen to heaps of XM tunes you have to click on every single tune you download (and most turn out to be… well… not to my liking, let’s say :) )

Are there no RNS/MOD/IT CD (or DVD) collections available out there? I found one on Maz’s site but I’d bank loan just to get it to New Zealand - that would be after I get the mortgage to pay for the CD itself. :)

The great thing about having LOADS of mods is that you can load them up, see how tracker experts do particular things and rip samples for your own purpose. People used to love sharing in those days - thats why so many MODs came to be.

And whats with the “SONGS” link on the Renoise site too? I can’t seem to download most of these tunes… surely these aren’t all “finished product” MP3 files too?

Come one people - share you creative abilities and encourage newbies to follow in your footsteps! :yeah:

theyre all on hidden ftp servers it seems.
i will see if i can find some for you and everyone else readng/interested,
i just hope i dont step on anyones toes posting ftp links. :(

oh my mistake i was thinking you wanted oldschool amiga mod scources.
well heres one if you did.