Hoards of Banana - Eiger

During the lockdown i’ve :

  • read several books about mountaineering
  • listened all boards of canada LP’s
  • ate a lot of banana’s

I tried to combine these 3 infuences in this music video ( made 99% on renoise )

Would love to have your feedback


Good melodic-ambient sounding. I appreciated to listen.

I can feel the mountain and downtempo inspiration’s, but not sure for the bananas! ^^ :banana:

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Thank you Fabrice for taking the time to listen.
I rarely comment on other people song but i enjoy yours ( listening them when you post on FB renoise group )

about the banana influence , i must admit that i dont really know. Mais ça m’aidait bien pour le jeu de mot pourri.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Okay I’ve just understand the word play on the title! D’accord j’ai compris le jeu de mots, je n’avais pas fait attention! :joy:

Good track always evolving and interesting as an idea