Hobnox Inudge

I did This with Inudge. Show me what YOU can do :)

The amen break. Lol.

Next thing they need to create is a pattern-arranger/sequencer… :P

haha, that was fun… this allowed for muting/soloing instruments I’d surely get addicted to it. PIANOLOLZ! :D


people have got signed with worse :lol:


(note the intricate drum programming, that was quite complicated to pull off)


I call it “1 channel hypnotron”. I came up with the title all by myself!


sux. :lol:

Too bad it doesn’t encode the matrix in the URL in such a way so you can enter anything, e.g. the name of your pet and get a “song”. AKA worms level editor haha.

I tried but failed, they seem to be saving each tune and giving it a unique id (so hopefully, if it stays around long enough one might be able to enter “renoise” and get a smash hit one day!)

I can do this!

Eastern premises:

Tekno pursuit:

Everybody was kung-fu fighting:

oh wow! this is great! :D

I love this thing!


http://embed.inudge.net/nudge.swf param name=“FlashVars” value=“id=1703” flashvars=id=1703 type=application/x-shockwave-flash

http://embed.inudge.net/nudge.swf param name="FlashVars" value="id=1703" flashvars=id=1703 type=application/x-shockwave-flash  

replace this id location:

and you! can post yours here too! :walkman:

This makes me realize I should put on block loop more often and turn “follow play position” off – that’s kinda the same as this thing, but infinitely more complex and great und awesome!

someting that is supposed to be louie louie: http://inudge.net/inudge#/dsv

http://embed.inudge.net/nudge.swf param name=“FlashVars” value=“id=dsv” flashvars=id=dsv type=application/x-shockwave-flash

It’s addictive

http://inudge.net/inudge#/14w3 (With a RENOISE R ;) ) - reminds me somehow on something by some famous renoise-musician :)

Wow! I spent too much time with this little toy here at work… gah! Why do people make so much fun stuff on the internet? ;)

Did you check out their other, more comprehensive application called “Audiotool” ? It’s pretty ridiculous!


And did you notice they stole your knobs??? :panic:

Nobody touches my knob! Not without dinner and a movie first!

Anyway, nah, I definitely can’t take credit for those knobs. While I probably would have naturally come up with something like that myself anyway, I can remember seeing similar styles used in other plugs before mine was developed. u-he Zebra springs to mind. Then there are guys like Future Audio Workshop who are just taking it to the next level with Circle… really slick, sexy, minimal interface if you ask me, and quite close to some designs I was sketching for future versions of Glitch. Now if/when I get around to doing it forreal, people will think I stole from Circle, and thus the cycle continues :)

http://inudge.net/inudge#/ez6 AH! This is fun…

I wasn’t really serious of course, anything perfect enough will be (re)invented several times, who cares who “steals” it from whom :P colors and minimalism FTW I say.

UGH! I never gonna get any work done if you give me stuff like this to play with! :P