Can someone do me a favour and check the sound quality of my mastered track? i need meaning of other ppl with diff. speakers…

a short listen

thx in advance :slight_smile:

Sounds nice for me, very good stereo picture. The only caveat would be the bass, especially the bassdrum is too silent/underepresent, missing more punch.

many thx for checking. iv added more punch now - does it sound right to you now?


That’s a beautiful track, but I personally like the first version better as far as EQ and leveling goes. The second track sounds too bass-heavy and compressed. I’m listening to both on a pair of M-Audio BX5 D2s, and they’ve got a reasonably flat response with good low end.

There seems to be some crackly distortion in the mix of the first one, though, possibly compression or dynamics-processing artifacts. I’ve gotten similar noise doing dynamics processing on tracks with lots of deep reverb.

I looked at the spectrum for your first rendering in GoldWave, and the frequency slope is a lot closer to -10dB per decade/-3dB per octave. That slope (which is roughly equal-loudness for all frequencies) generally gives you a mix that translates better across many different sound systems. The second rendering has a much steeper slope, which means the frequency balance is biased toward the low end. It also looks like you ran it through a peak limiter and dropped the output gain, almost a digital version of shredding.

Flavor to taste, really, but I say your mixing is much better on the first version ;)

thx for the feedback…the noise at the 1st mix is the tape recording sound which i used at the intro…i had to disable it on the main patterns. hmm ok i try to find a middle now! ^_^/>

what do you think now?