Hold It In - Funny

a video clip…


this can’t be real can it?
if it is. i’m rofl. would be nice to know what they’re talking about.

hehe, that guy’s voice made me laugh as well…
but, i think the last laughing-attack by the moderator is too uncontrolled and hilarious as if it could be for real.
also the audience doesn’t show any reaction towards the moderator’s behaviour, which appears a bit odd too.
do you know if this discussion was meant to be held in a serious context, annex?

what they are talking about? :)

this is actually a scetch from a Belgian comedy show. its all acting. still funny tho :)

Well are you 100%?
Because we have this guy from Holland and he understod everything they were saying.

I´m think it might be for real because if it was a sketch, the audience would probably laugh too.

At first I thought it was funny but we have this guy at work who understod what they were saying and he said he could hardly watch that clip.

The guy is interviewing a couple.
She was in some kind of accident maybe a car accident I think it was. And then woke up paralyzed from a coma.
And the interview is about their life after the accident.
In the end the interviewer tries to ask them about their sexlife but starts laughing.

However the guy might be speaking with that strained voice because he has a hard time talking about the life after accident…

However it could be a sketch.

It is a scetch. There’s a few minute longer clip of it here:


There are comments on the clip here:


…apparently it is from a Belgian show called “In De Gloria”. Among the comments is this one;

Fake or not, I also laughed my ass off. :lol: