Hold (not retrigger) note on pattern loop

Is there a way to continue holding the note, which is played on 1st step of the pattern (and plays for the whole pattern - no off command), when pattern loops?

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Try this:


Use the maximum note glide command value GFF/GF in whichever effect column makes sense…

It usually works best if the sample is already synced to the song tempo and has a loop enabled.

Another option is to use autoseek on the sample itself, but then you’ll need one pattern to initially trigger the sample, followed by another (repeating) pattern with no note activity that allows autoseek to do its job properly. (This is typically the more useful/flexible approach when it comes to playing long samples that span many patterns.)

Quick demo song:

2023-08-07-renoise-hold-loop.xrns (1.5 MB)


Thanks, it’s just that I’m not using sample, it’s midi / VST with internal sequencer, which gets triggered by a note. Anything like this for this scenario?

Yes. Similar to the auto seek method mentioned above, write a phrase that contains the relevant midi data, one pattern to trigger and another to loop should do the trick. Haven’t tested it though…

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Oh ok, by duplicating pattern it works, even without using phrases since there’s no trigger note in the duplicate. Just a bit annoying to have everything duplicated, but still, there’s a way. I’m glad the GFF mode works with triggering phrases though, this will be useful. Thanks for help guys!

Is not really annoying. Many DAW-s encourages musicians to duplicate everything and then music becomes repetitive. I am happy that patterns contains all tracks and I don’t must duplicate 30 tracks to made small changes in them. Here I can change one note in bass line, few drums and few solo notes without creating multiple copies of micro-patterns (like in FL).

The only problem is that Renoise do not play previous note from previous pattern, even if is not off. I mean - it may produce more problems, but there should be an option like “autoseek” to made it possible on selected tracks.

I’m trying to simulate groovebox-like workflow, when you can jam with one (or few) patterns, muting the tracks/sounds and live tweaking instrument/effect parameters. Phrases+GFF command solves one problem I had with this.

Regarding your “autoseek” question - you could (re)trigger a sample at the beginning of a pattern from desired position using Sxx command.

Thank you for that info, except I was talking about plugins, not samples. I do not use samples. I should wrote that info.

yep, that’s what the 0G01 Loader i’ve got in Paketti does. the sample will keep playing until it finishes playing and then restart on the next pattern loop. this allows a 16 row pattern for instance to have 4096 rows of playback or more (load a 53 minute wavefile in, trigger it on first row, set 0G01 → it’ll play till the end):
perfect for jams.