Hold Vb:Button Down, "Repeat Button-Function"?

Hi, just wondering if it’s possible to make a button notice “constant pressed down” state and to act accordingly? :)

-- renoise.Views.Button (inherits from Control, 'button' in the builder)  
-- A simple button that calls a custom notifier function when clicked.  
-- Supports text or bitmap labels.  
--. +--------+  
--. | Button |  
--. +--------+  
-------- Functions  
-- Add/remove button hit/release notifier functions.  
-- When a "pressed" notifier is set, the release notifier is guaranteed to be  
-- called as soon as the mouse is released, either over your button or anywhere  
-- else. When a "release" notifier is set, it is only called when the mouse  
-- button is pressed !and! released over your button.  
button:add_pressed_notifier(function or {object, function} or {object, function})  
button:add_released_notifier(function or {object, function} or {object, function})  
button:remove_pressed_notifier(function or {object, function} or {object, function})  
button:remove_released_notifier(function or {object, function} or {object, function})