Holding shift while entering effects commands into Local FX does not appear to work

Using the shift key to enter FX values appears to work differently between local FX and master FX in a track.

For example, if I place the cursor in the master fx column and type Shift+G, then “g” is entered and the cursor moves to the right, so I can enter a value.

However, doing the same thing in the local fx column moves the cursor down, which means if I want to enter a value i need to press Up and right.

Is this expected behavior? Can it be customised?

Thank you for reading

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Following up on my own post - I did find a bit of a workaround for this: The glide effect works with the shift key when it’s entered into the panning column! The only thing is you can only slide by whole semitones.

Ah, sorry, I need to correct myself above. It’s working on my mac, but not on my linux machine. Looks like an input issue on linux, I’ll do some more digging.