Holding Shift While Entering Notes Off

I’m not certain this is a bug, so I post it here to question this behavior.

holding shift while pressing the caps lock will enter a note off while leaving the old one.
is this how it should be? then again why?

If I’m not completely mistaken, this was originally the standard way of entry. Then it was replaced by “smart noteoff” which removes the old note offs. Holding shift in this case triggers the old behaviour.

It may be useful in case you want to test out alternative (shorter) note length while keeping the old ones alive. This way you’d just have to delete your experimental ones and be left with the old ones.

Or maybe some vsts do interesting things when receiving a note off and this way you can trigger this behavior manually.

Well… that are the only practical things I can think of right now.

IMO Shift should do same with noteoffs as it does with notes. “chord noteoff”.

Yeah well okay, but how about alt or ctrl? :)

Yes, pressing NoteOff will insert a smart noteoff, holding shift depressed will insert a normal noteoff
CTRL+NoteOff will insert smart noteoff across all columns, while holding shift depressed will insert normal noteoff across all columns

I use it constantly.

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