Holland , hardcore freaks


Army of hardcore underground life and mony, smile


the fact is that some demons serve god

Being an hybrid between dark-light side is more powerfull

A more interesting way

Animals really like this type of persons

destruction construction

Hit the evil…but impossible to kill him

The best way to fastly and efficienlty attack him is a ‘grouped attack’

He made legions…so this is the answer

the pure evil is the most antipathetic person you could meet

go to hell for the holidays…The hell is a parallel world with no hope
Hell is a perpetual nightmare
Hell is the inverse

There is no hope is the pure dark

black hole

My record is three demons👌‍‍

But i don’t advise to fight when you have no training

When I hear “Holland” and “Hardcore” I always have to think of this 30 years old track:

I don’t like Gabber, but this is part of my youth and probably the only track in this style I can listen to.


The Person who made the GFX is talentuous

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I happen to have that record (ROT. NR 009) and on the back it says about the artwork: “Cover by Linia”.
There are two tracks on the album; six remixes of “Alles Naar De Kl–te” and “Effe Luusteren”.
Fun album!

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