Home from work... means beatmaking

Staying home today, got the cough, coffee and beatmaking - the only way to go! ,-)

have a blessed weekend best Renoisers…


Treepiee!!! Be safe Habibi & Fresch weekend to!!!

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very good tune, i love that sidestick/snare smack it’s so sweet ‘thpuck!’

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thanks a lot brother… appreciate the feedback!

ignore [i wish i could afford bitwig :badteeth:]

just playing all of your tunes, and this has some great atmosphere… yeah, minimalistic vibes in minor… i love it

oh i just realized now that you are the one with ‘digitakt’ :smiley: sorry for my ignorance

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haha, thank you sir. Yes, Renoise is my favorite DAW.

Nice minimalistic tunes but on point.A pleasure for my ears

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Another! :wink: Hows it going for everyone?

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Random Clip Launching in Bitwig 3 is a killer feature!

just sayin

Yeah. another…