Horizontal Arrow Button Position

2955 Renoise280b7HorizontalArrowButton.png

Is this horizontal arrow button position correct for 2.8.0?
Or just GUI cosmetic issue? Umm, I like 2.7.2’s…

ok i give up. what’s the issue you have with this?

2957 Renoise272ArrowButton.png

2958 Renoise280b7HorizontalArrowButton.png
2.8.0 b7

Let’s compare it with another version and current beta version.
Which do you like?

I don’t want to feel this is kind of little changes in 2.8.0.

More room to scroll down and less room to scroll right…
For me its not a dealbreaker. Specially not now that you can collapse tracks. (and i think some scrolling bug fixes are related to this change)