Horizontal Scrolling For Touchpads

would be good being able to scroll left and right with a touchpad in the pattern editor, DSP chain, sample editor, mixer view etc.

yes, I’ve just started using Renoise with a laptop.

I suggested this also because my mouse has a horizontal scroll knob.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants this!

+1 for horizontal scrolling!!! :yeah:

My lappy has a neat little feature, if you use two fingers and stroke the pad, it scrolls in the direction…this would be good.

Can I Resuggest this.

This could be a driver matter, but both the touchpad and the trackpoint on my ThinkPad R60 are unable to scroll both vertically and horizontally in Renoise. They scroll pretty well in most other applications though. If anyone with a ThinkPad has a solution for this, please share.

That said, +1.

btw i’m using a Macbook here. could be a different story with windows.