Hotkey For Generate Drum Kit Map.

this is probably one of my most often used commands, yet there is no hotkey for it. why not?

why? i’m happy to know it! ;) because there is a button :lol:

Yes, I’d use such a hotkey as well.
I use the generate Drumkit map in every song.

Alex meant that, if you go into instrument editor, on the right bottom of the virtual keyboard, you will find “generate drumkit map”

Ok, it’s nice to see that at least someone understands him. :lol:

I was also asking myself if he said that there already exists a hotkey (a keyboard shortcut) or he was referring to that button that you have to click with the mouse.

well i often make drumkits 10 + times in the course of a song, and it’s a bit of a pain to keep switching to the instrument editor window to click the button (the only thing i use that window for). this is why i would like to see a keyboard shortcut (which i thought was reffered to as hotkey?) just a tiny little feature, thanks. :D