Hotkey To Select That Which Is Directly Below The Cursor


I know about the hotkeys alt-a, alt-z, shift+alt-a, and shift+alt-z. These are seriously amazing workflow enhancers.

I’m looking for, and not finding, something similar but a bit different.

I’d like a hotkey to select exactly what’s under the cursor. The effect I’m going for is the same as when I single-left-click on the pattern editor.




Does such a hotkey exist? If not, can one bet set up?

Let us never reach for the mouse again, ;)

Being from ImpulseTracker-land, I’ve set cmd-b and cmd-e to be begin selection and end selection. So for me it’s cmd-b followed by cmd-e. Agreed, Renoise should have these types of selections natively.

Nice! ctrl-b then ctrl-e works quite well.

Much appreciated,