House Music Production

Hi there,
I’m a fairly new music producer from the netherlands, and i want to get into making house music a bit. since it’s a music style i’ve always enjoyed but never really tried to produce.

I was wondering if you guys knew what effects, dsps, and tools in renoise as a house producer you must learn and know how to use for house music. I know how most stuff in renoise works, but not how to apply it so well yet.

Also perhaps some information on what in general for you defines house music as house music.

I know theres alot of different types of house music, and probarbly alot of different answers to my question, but comming from breaks/bassy music into house for me so far has just ended up in break/bassy tunes with a housebeat under it since i dont know alot about mixing yet.

if i know these things then i can look up stuff in these areas to improve my producing skills and maybe composing skills towards house.

I’m using renoise(ofcourse) and NI Massive vsti as production platform, with usually samples for drums.

What sound are you going for?

I heavily listened to Deee-lite’s album Dewdrops in the garden and Motorbass’s Album Pansoul.
I highly suggest listening to both of these albums if you haven’t already.

Renoise + Massive is a great start, start working out patches in massive and multi sample them, a long time ago in this forum I read how dance music producers really only use about 5 different kick drums total it was a topic about sample cds.

Study all of the DSP-Devices &
read up on psycho-acoustics,

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