Housy Tune


Been working on this for a few days, would be pleased to hear if anyone got something to say!
Its basically some kind of house, started as a more “Jackin” style but yeah, i dont know anymore… Anyway, cheers!

I quite like it. Nice sound selection. My main gripe would be the vocal sample and the extra percussion being a bit too loud. And some of the percs also sounded like they were overlapping with the kick. Bass sounds solid. And I like the synth sounds around 2nd min. I’d add a breakdown after that though, the vocal sample comes back rather too soon imo

Overall nice tune.

Thanks for that feedback! Will have a check tonight and do some more mixing. But i think you are right, it do sound a bit too loud, that vocal. Might hp filter the percs a bit more to get rid of the kick overlapping… But anyway, thanks alot for that feedback!