How About A Comple Midi Paramter List Page?

I was trying to search and find out how to assign midi controls to start, stop renoise. also to play from current position etc…
There’s a lot of discussion, but it’s difficult to find exact information. Which is understandable considering the number of midi questions.

How about a midi page listing all paramaters which can be mapped by midi cc, by automation devices and by any other method. I know it’s a lot of data to compile, but it would be a great reference guide and would hopefully reduce the sheer volume of midi questions.

For myself, I’m trying to determine whether or not there’s any benefit to purchasing a midi keyboard with more assignable controls. I’m looking at either the edirol 500 and 800, or the aka mpk49. I want to be able to control everything in renoise by midi. Including start stop messages, plug ins, changing the page on display( the mixer, the sample editor) and anything else that i can think of that’s supported.

I saw a video of a guy using renoise with the mpk49 and he didn’t even touch the computer. I think other than typing alpha numeric characters there was no need. I hope this is possible in renoise too.

If there is anywhere that list all this information on the renoise site, or elsewhere I’d appreciate the link.

Cheers guys.

A very basic feature… Useful to reveal all MIDI-mappable parameters.

That’s actually much better. Just something you can open up in renoise that lists all midi mappable paramaters.

Start/stop are transport message which you can’t map, you can though use the device as master and slave Renoise to it and use the transport buttons on that device to start/stop Renoise.

Showing a list of mappable parameters may be more effective if not too many plugins or effect plugins are listed.

Mappable parameters branched per track and then by plugin and by default collapsed.

If you have a lot open, it works more secure to be able to see which plugin you exactly attach to your controller.

Ahhh indeed, overlooked the almost unlimited amount of DSP devices, which controls are all mappable. A tree sounds very effective vV!

ok so how do I map parameters to my Oxygen 49?

…pulling my hair out figuring it out…

like say I wanna map the Filter Freq of the TALBassline vst to one of my knobs on my oxygen 49…how do I go through with doin that?

Doesn’t the oxygen use the Enigma editor to assign vst plug ins? If you don’t have it you can probably download it from their website. I think most controller keyboards now come with some sort of editor software to setup controls however you like.