How are xrns files so small?

I used to use Logic and a hefty project file would be around 3-4 gigs if not more than that. A renoise song file (xrns) with the roughly equivalent amount of stuff in it is 20-40 MB (at least for something half finished). What?

Are Logic files just stupidly big or are Renoise files really small somehow? What are Ableton/FL like in this regard?

xrns files are like zip files that is why they are so small.

@EETTTEE. The reason why an XRNS song can take up little space is whether or not it includes samples (MP3, FLAC files…).
An XRNS file is basically a ZIP file, which contains an XML file that includes the song data (text data). If you make a song based on VSTi instruments, you can compose a song of one hour duration and occupy a handful of Kbytes, because it saves text data (xml format)!

You can change the extension “xrns” to “zip” and treat the file as if it were a “zip”. Although it is a compressed file, compression does not save much space.

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Huh, thanks