How Can I Add A Sound To A Duplicate But Only Apply It To A Certain On

I hope my question is clear…

as you can see I made duplicates of a section,

The arrow is the sound I want to add to that section

The X is the duplicate where I DON’T want it to appear.

How would I go about this?

Thanks a lot in advance :)

On the left in your picture, you see



Well, the X you put in your picture is in the second #2 pattern, not in the current pattern…

If you find this confusing, try turning off “View patterns continuously” in the preferences.

Yes, I know the X is on the second #2 pattern.

I am trying to only add that note/instrument(the one the arrow is pointing at) on that #2 pattern and not all the other #2 patterns.

So you understand that when you modify Pattern #2, all patterns labeled #2 will change? When you paste something in Pattern #2, it affects all patterns labelled #2?

Ok, great.

Right click on the second pattern #2, select “Make Unique” This will change #2 to some other number. Delete the note you don’t want.

More info here: