How can I cut a sample into exactly 256-samples-long segments?

I have found a very nice sample which was ripped from the monowave wavetable synthesizer. It has 256 very well designed single cycle waveforms all side by side inside one sample.

Each of the single cycle waveforms is exactly 256 samples long ( 100 hex ).

How would I chop that in the renoise sample editor? Is there a way to chop ‘lengths in samples’ rather than by beats or offset command values?

The sample is free to download from here ( its worth checking out, very nicely done ) :

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Look at this:

It can only slice up to 100 samples. So I first divided the 65536 sample long block into 4, then used “render slices destructively” and on each of the 4 new “copy to new instrument”. Then can chop and render destructively each of the 4 chunks into 64 pieces, each piece will be a single cycle. You can use “copy sample to new instrument” again and set the sample to loop to see how it sounds.

P.S. you need to make sure all 64 samples fit onto the keyboard in the keyzones view, so set “drum kit” to some low note and disable “use white keys only”, hit drum kit button, else you might loose some waveforms.

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The inconvenience of a forum not accepting small pk zip files:

@zerofly…thankyou that sample chopping tool is great for chopping the monowave sample. How did you check the length in samples of the original monowave sample ( 65536 )?

@4tey…Thanks for doing that, chopping it up and uploading the pre-chopped monowave sample.

They all are out of tune F’s to begin with. So they need some tuning.
I checked them out with with GTune and tuned them up properly.

To get a perfect A in Octave 4 at 440Hz I set ‘finetune’ up 30 and set the ‘base-note’ to ‘F3’.

I used to use this sample in LittleGameParkTracker on PSP.
LittleGameParkTracker is an awesome portable PSP tracker, goes nicely alongside the awesome PSP-SEQ, both are so great for travelling with or leaning back in a sofa while composing. Anyway, I now realize that all the songs I made back then must have been way out of tune.

If anyone wants to know, to get the monowave looping in tune on LittleGameParkTracker I think you must have to set the ‘detune’ setting in instrument screen to ‘9D’ ( thats 30 up from ‘7F’ ) and set the ‘root-note’ to ‘F3’.

The great thing about LittleGameParkTracker is that there is a pattern effect command ( best used in phrases, otherwise known as tables ) which allows for moving a looping segment forward by a set number of samples, across a larger sample each time the loop is completed…This mimicks the wavescanning behaviour of the original monowave wavetable synth and sounds great. LittleGameParkTracker is the only tracker I know which can do this, so a very original feature.

Monowave sample is ideal for this kind of pattern effect command usage.
I wish renoise would get a similar kind of command in a future update. This kind of loop functionality was outlined in detail in a video feature suggestion presentation by achenar a while back ( below ).

Also here is the description of the LittleGameparkTracker command from the manual

LPOF aaaa

LooP OFset: Shift both the loop start & loop end values aaaa digits

  • LPOF 0001 adds one to both values, LFOF FFFF removes one (so values > 0x800 moves the loop backward)

  • reset everytime you start a new note (same as volume, pitch)

  • LPOF is absolute

  • you can’t trigger a note with the LPOF, it has to be executed after a sample is playing

  • every time you trigger a sample LPOF is set back to the instrument parameters

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I found even more interesting, that each resulting 64 wave instrument was mapped to a different midi key, so I could browse and test them with my keyboard. Like a little library.

@brinemeister You can right click each of the sample editor’s scales, top and bottom, to display different options, one is number of samples. I did so on the bottom scale, then I selected all, and saw the number of samples under the waveform view.

I have it finished now. Here is a renoise song file with each of the instrument slots filled by a 256 sample length single cycle waveform instrument taken from the monowave sample. They are all tuned so that A4 is 440Hz. These are some of the best single cycles I have heard, designed with the harmonics they produce in mind I guess.

I have another question for you. How would you go about chopping this one ( link below ).
It looks like a ROM ripped from a synth, just like monowave. The file is called SQ80, so Im guessing that its ripped from the Ensonic SQ-80 synth, which says has 75 waveforms.

However the overall sample length of this one is 262144, which led me to believe that it should be 1024 single-cycles each 256 samples in length. I chopped it that way, but not sure if they look right…the start and end points dont look like they line up for some of them.

So I guess what my real question is, is this ‘How long do you think each of the separate waveforms in this ROM are?’. maybe this is ripped from Ensonic SQ-80, maybe not. I found it on my hard-drive and its labelled as SQ80.

When listening to it in its entirety I think maybe it is near impossible to cut up properly with some of the instruments being single cycles, others longer samples…so how to know where they start and end? Here it is

May as well ask: how long is a piece of string?

This might save time?

Thanks for the link to, but I think the guy who uploaded those .aif waves chopped from the original SQ80 rom didn’t cut them up properly. Maybe he misinterpreted the data sheets. There is a .pdf of them here

Anyway, here is the renoise song file containing that guys SQ80 waves ( I converted them to .wav from .aif first )…I looped them but thats as far as I went with this because Im pretty sure when I look at how the waves loop in the waveform editor, there is a problem with the way they have been chopped. Some look like they might be almost right, others look completely wrong.

There is a full detailed description of everything that goes on inside the Ensoniq-SQ80 here

Im going to try and find out how to chop the original SQ80 ROM sample properly. If I can find out how long the waves are in samples I should be able to scan through the waves on my PSP software, sample back into renoise. Should be cool. Must be a way to scan the waves and get cool sounds because the SQ80 was also, like Monowave, a wavescanning ( or ‘cross wave’ synth)

Ok. Good luck. Take care.