How can I export MIDI? MidiConvert not working

I’ve installed a few versions of MidiConvert but not had any joy exporting MIDI . It doesn’t even output a MIDI file, even if I type a filename with extension.

Any tips?

Are you using this tool?: Midi Convert | Renoise

Just tried ‘file’->‘export to midi’ using this tool, on a very simple single note project and it exported .mid and .txt.

After hitting ‘export to midi’ there was a message in the ‘status bar’ indicating it was being worked on, then after a second or two, it said ‘done’ and the file(s) were saved on my desktop.

Ah yeah… it’s working now. That was weird! It didnt export anything yesterday - I tried 3 versions of it!

Thanks for your help :space_invader:

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Must’ve been a… Midi error :drum::drum: 🪇

I’ll see myself out