How Can I Get A More 'natural'-sounding Swing To My Drums?

I just started using Renoise (I’m from a Reason / Roland MV8k background), and I’m wondering how to make a drum track that has a bit more swing than the usual ‘mechanical’ feel.

I laid down a standard hi-hat pattern with some little ‘delays’ in it (my editstep was at 2), but when I played it back, it still sounded ‘mechanical’, even though I played it in with swing from my keyboard. How can I make it sound natural?

Is there a command or commands to do that?

(Can you upload a file attachment to posts? I want to upload the XRNS I created.)


Hi Douglas!

What do you mean with “mechanical” feel? Does this have to do with the sound of the sample or the way the delay makes it sound? I know that sometimes, the delay, if a little offbeat, can make a hi-hat sound very mechanical (flanger)… Do you want it to sound more acoustic?

One way to do this is to use different volume on the hi-hats, make it sound a bit more random.

Or maybe a bit of reverb sometimes puts alot more life to the drums.

Sorry if I misunderstood your question.

Try putting D2 (note delay) to every even-numbered notes to produce a more swinging rhythm.

D2 on speed 6 gives you similiar effect as 67% on drum-machine hardware boxes.
and D1 on speed 6 gives you smth like 59%.


You can use ‘groove settings’ in ‘song settings’ propriety. 50% on speed 6 gives 67% swing.
But remember that ‘groove settings’ is applied to all tracks.

When recording, make sure Record Note-delays is on: (fifth button from the right)

what you need is varying the volume value, and adding some variable sample offset to the samples: the more the offset, the less the sound will have accent. For example, assuming instrument 01 is the hi-hat:

C-4 01 40 —
C-4 01 20 90A
C-4 01 30 905
C-4 01 20 90C
this would be a quite standard “non-mechanical” sounding hi-hat line. 09xx values can vary based on the features of sample you are using

Cool tip It-Alien. I’m going to have to mess around with using sample offsets to give my drums a bit more of a live feel.

Ditto, great Tip IT-Alien, never thought of this before, but it makes sense! Can’t wait to try this out now

That’s an oldy goldy tip… owh, just doing a complete random volume values make a hihat range sound pretty nifty.
(means that you pick low and high volumes humanized in no particular sequence)

Other way.