How can I get the VST parameters window back

I want the window at the bottom of the screen, it seems to work for VST effects still, but I miss being able to mess with VST instrument parameters in that window at the bottom of the screen, now I have to switch to a different window which fucks my workflow up!


That’s great thanks, but I just want back what was already there before. Did they remove it or did I accidently screw something up? Because I only get that window I circled for VST fx and not the instruments.

I will check it out. thx

Just click on the little arrow [:small_red_triangle:] button…or maybe i don’t understand your question. :slight_smile:

What little arrow do you speak of?

What I mean is the picture above ^ I could mess with the parameters pictured below

See, I have to go to a separate screen now to edit that stuff and it’s really inconvenient. I usually tweak that stuff while in the pattern or mixer view but now I have to go to the Plugin tab to do it.

And maybe I’m just doing something wrong, please let me know if I am. But I used to be able to do it from any screen because it was in the bottom part. Now only VST FX will appear down there.

I’m not sure if i understand you correctly, but i mean…


When you click the marked button on the screenshot, you should se all the plugin parameters.

That is a VST FX plugin, it’s already there. What I’m saying is I want REGULAR VST’s to appear down there too and not just FX. They used to be down there too. Sorry, was a hard problem to describe!

I don’t always want to use the VST’s interface, I liked editing parameters from that window, it was a nice way to do it. I could run through the presets easily!

Ah sorry, now i get it. I didn’t even know that it ever was possible for VSTi also. To me it doesn’t really makes sense, because a VSTi (like all intruments) is not bound to a specific track, but a FX is.

Maybe I’m trippin’ man. I do recall they redid the plugin part. Adding VST’s used to be different. I’m talking back in the 2.5 days though

The solution for me though would be being able to undock the circled part so I could at least access it from other screens!


I believe you’re mistaken, or remembering some long lost secret version of Renoise that even we on the team didn’t have access to :slight_smile:

The raw VST instrument parameters are typically only shown when the plugin itself does not have a native GUI — as in the case of MDA JX10, for example — but even then the parameter sliders are still shown in a floating window in place of the normal GUI.


Re: Some of your other comments…

It’s possible to detach the whole instrument view if you wish:

It’s also possible to enable a secondary plugin selector in the Instrument Properties panel:

Maybe some of this helps with your workflow?

This will have to suffice!


Thanks you guys!

I would really love it if they would make it so I can just dock this windows somewhere where it is always accessible

I have to admit a little secret… Technically speaking, it is possible to access the VST instrument parameters down in the track panel, using a little known “hack” that I stumbled onto accidentally some years ago. Maybe you also stumbled onto this yourself sometime, and this is what you’re remembering?

Adjust the view in Renoise so that you can see both the track/mixer panel and the plugin chooser together. You can do this either by detaching the instrument panel, or by enabling the secondary plugin chooser in the instrument properties panel to the side.

Then simply drag and drop the desired VSTi from the plugin list out into a track DSP chain. You can now expand and fiddle with its parameters just like an effect plugin. Note: In order to play the instrument itself, you’ll have to set up an additional VST FX Alias that will actually deliver the MIDI notes to it.

Quick example:

Pro tip: Certain VST synths with a vocoder (or similar) on the sidechain input will let you route your track audio into the plugin using this method.


Whaaaat?! Thank you for this hint, it’s awesome!

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You’re the MAN!


And now you will all find out why this matters to me so much. It’s soooo useful, for the record it works even if you drag the instrument to the tracks as well.

Oh… didn’t realize you can’t play the instrument this way…shit! Foiled again. I hope TakTik see’s all this!

I suppose it will only serve to automate. I had never tried this. I’m surprised! :slight_smile:

You have to use an fx alias in a free instrument slot, as dblue showed in his video. Not sure now if the automation device is better or this way. For synths with 10000 parameters, I seems to be pretty messy, but I actually prefer the “direct” parameter list.

I wonder if you can create such an dsp slot of a VSTi slot via the LUA API?

Personally, I can’t do anything via LUA :smiley: It sounds cool though.

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