How Can I Make Chiptune

to make chiptune I know that i need square and triangle wave forms and thats about it. can someone give me the lowdown? going for NES sound.

Well I can’t really give you any tips for actually composing chip music but I think the Peach VSTi by TweakBench (free) will be perfect for you:

It’s a synth based on the waveforms from the NES :)

There’s also Toad, which is based on the sound effects and percussive noises from the NES.


you forgot the 3rd VST in that group: TriForce

it’s essentially a NES softsynth that uses real synthesis… while peach and toad are sample based

Nice… Somehow I hadn’t noticed that one on the list before.

There’s also the excellent Chip32 which lets you draw your own custom lo-fi waveforms.


wow thanks alot guys :)

those all look great… how do i use them? do i need to put the dll somewhere specific so that renoise can see it?

edit: i figured it out. these kick ass. thanks.

What I used to do in the ‘old’ days was to pick a sample and went on looping a real small area that it was a sort of wave form that I was looking for… And then crop it… Or is that called cheating?

Chiptunes with VSTi are lame :)

(short samples only)

Edit: Linkfix

nowadays, chiptunes are a matter of style instead of the technology
they’re made with. Most of us don’t work anymore on 64k-intros
or projekts dedicated to the smallest possible size. so it doesn’t matter
if you’re writing your songs with VSTis, samples or old gear like the
c64. it’s all about fun (and the nostalgic feelings around the sound).

I agree that the majority of the people, including myself, who are making chip style music are not composing and or outputting them directly from 8-bit gear.

I have come by dozens who are though which is truly fascinating. Here are a couple some of you might find interesting.…riendid=2433407…riendid=2766236

Also be sure to check out a great one in general - cannot believe this guy is 19. It’s like progressive chip-music. Listen to them. Nothing short of brilliant.…iendid=10444909

I usually try to make chiptunes as close to SID (c64) as possible. Usually I do not use more than 4 channels (3 Sids, 1 Galway-Sample) and I work with arpeggio and vibrato-fx

Though I really like the Sid-VST by ReFX…

btw. here’s a few great SID-samples with loop points:…gle.php?id=1055

Technically yeah, but I think these days when one says “chiptune” what actually is meant is “sounding like a chiptune”. Using samples instead of VST’s has several advantages: you can use pitchslides and the 0xx effect (arpeggio? not sure, but it’s what I associate with chip music more than anything else :P try it on sines and saws). “render to sample” is your friend here. As is orangator:…lorangator.html


anything for macs?

Hi, I also love chiptunes.
I can recommend chip32 VST instrument. It actually lets you DRAW the waveform, and it has the basic SQUARE SIN and TRIANGLE presets. I can;t remember where to find it exactly, but the VST is made by a japanese nd is free. Try search for it.

Or simply read a few posts up, where I have already mentioned it.

check video tutorial section

Also try QuadraSID!

also check out PURE6581 vst and PURE64.
i’m not on my own computer at the moment. but i managed to surf them up on a german site. be warned, there’s alot of popups on this site, but theres about 7-8 free VSTi’s there :)

cheers :walkman: