How can I merge tracks?

In the first screenshot I have four tracks in a song, all using the same sample-based instrument. I’d like to combine them all into one track, as in the second screenshot. Is there a_fast and easy_ way to do this? I’ve tried copying and pasting columns, but that only works for one pattern at a time. I have not found a way to copy an entire column in a song and paste it to another entire column, or (even better) merge two tracks.

Please provide screenshots?

Its been 3 years since he posted this. You think he’s still on this?

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In the Renoise forums there are people with the same subject for more than 3 years. They are usually very specific cases :grinning:

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I guess the forum ate the old screenshots. Oh well. I don’t really use Renoise much anymore so I’m not too worried about it.

The original request was something like this: Imagine you have 8 tracks, each of which has one note column. You want to turn that into one track with 8 note columns. The notes in the columns need to stay exactly the same, just now in one track instead of in 8 different tracks.

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I’d be interested in going the other way too - splitting out columns into separate tracks so I have more options about how to effect each one.

What’s the benefit of combining multiple tracks down to one? Just screen real estate? Because you can group them and collapse them which cleans up your screen but also allows you to process the whole group as if it were one track.

In the pattern editor there is a side panel at the right with lots of options. Select the option ‘column in song’. Then go to the first pattern, second track, click the ‘copy’ button under ‘cut/copy/paste’. Then go to first track, expand a column and put cursor in this new column and press ‘paste’ button. Repeat the process to up to combine up to 12 tracks.

Thank you!

I look for this feature. Is there any script that can solve this? Need to reprocess a lot of my renoise stuff to fit into the polyend tracker with just 8 tracks.

“Merge” is quite a complex operation, it is not the same as “overlap”. A tool cannot analyze when a certain sound ends to decide where to deposit the note, regardless of using note-offs. I understand that the merge should return the same sound result as the separate original tracks.

However, if all your tracks only use one note column, you can drop each track into a specific note column on the destination track (this can be done by a LUA tool). But keep in mind that you will lose all the effects of the tracks, if you use them; the final result will be heard with the effects of the destination track.

On the other hand, you will also have to keep in mind the groups and their effect chains.