How can I pitch shift sliced samples?

So basically my question is in the title. I have sliced up a breakbeat and I want to play some hits in a different pitch (lower or higher) without changing the base pitch of the instrument/sample overall. Is there a convenient way to do that?

There is the 0Uxx/0Dxx command but it’s not exactly what I want because there is short pitch slide at the very beginning and it’s very annoying. Second possibility would be automating the pitch modulation of the instrument via macros but it takes ages to set up and create automations which is pretty counter-intuitive.

Honestly, why is there no command simliar to 0Uxx/0Dxx without the annoying pitch slide? It would make things so much easier. Or am I missing something?

Dont have renoise in front of me, but create a phrase to put the slices break in and simply use the keyboard to transpose upand down?

^ sorry but it doesn’t work the way you described. With phrases I would lose the ability to play all slices individually. I want to have full control over every single slice (to play backwards, cut up, etc.)

Here is an example of what I wanna do. I pitch shift the Amen snare with 0Dxx and you can hear the annoying pitch slide:

Not sure if this’ll work, but I’ve found that you can do some other things in the volume column that MIGHT make this work. I underlined a portion that may help in what you’re looking for. Maybe no slide/glide sounds this way?


There’s this idea too: I cant figure out how to change the pitch of my amen break on renoise,

dBlue’s idea, post #9.

Ways to rome:

  • use a pitch modulation macro & automate it, then there is stepless, untuned pitching, should work well with percussion

  • destructively render slices, then spread the keyzones, or use copies of the sample pitched to the pitches you want to use

How about slicing the original break non-destrucively using sample offset (Sxx) commands?

Then you can still use any note values you want to control the pitch and use strategically placed note offs to choke the sample into individual hits.

I’m pretty sure a lot of jungle up / down chromatic snare rolls are done this way, at least I have been able to create a similar effect with this method.

How about slicing the original break non-destrucively using sample offset (Sxx) commands?

Yeah this is what I’ve been doing all the time with my Jungle breaks. Typing Sxx for every slice can get tedious after a while though if you wanna get real choppy on the breaks. I’m looking for an easier approach now and it seems there isn’t.

@Neuro_No_Neuro and @OopsIFly sorry guys but 0Gxx and zone spreading just isn’t practical here.

Sorry we couldn’t help. Sometimes the hard way is the only way :smiley:

Sorry we couldn’t help. Sometimes the hard way is the only way :smiley:

Haha, no. All it takes is a Uxx/Dxx command that pitches instantly. Shouldn’t be hard to program I think. I don’t know why developers are sleeping.

…no command simliar to 0Uxx/0Dxx without the annoying pitch slide

Well use a pitch macro. Its the easiest way. Make an extra mod set, and route the samples you wish to pitch to it.

Then map a macro for the pitch of that set, how you map depends on how you want the effect to pitch the sample.

Then you can use the “inst.macros” device in a track, and automate the macro via pattern fx commands.

With a formula device in between you can also manipulate the way the macro will shift the pitch, like tuning it to exact notes, or make using the pattern effect easier like xx01 will be a set pitch number 1, xx02 another pitch, and xx03 a third. I’d be willing to help you with the formulas. I can make a formula device that will use 2 hex digits to represent whatever, i.e. first digit number of semitones, 2nd digit either 1 (up) or 2 (down), whatever you like, the formulas can be reused.

Down side is there will be only one pitch for the mod set at the time, i.e. if you pitch the snare low, and then use the macro to pitch another hit high while the first hit is still sounding, the first hit will also be pitched. Ofc the macro will only pitch the slices that are mapped to your pitching mod set. You can also use other mod sets in parallel though, i.e. one for pitching snares, another for pitching hats, …

Here I made a little example for you:

Slice pitching example 1.xrns (192.4 KB)

Easiest way for me has always been simply duplicating the particular sound into a new instrument (mostly snares). And interject the breaks where necessary. There is an option to play multisample phrases individual slices at different pitches but you need to enable something in the phrase editor. Don`t have renoise here, at the beach atm :sunglasses:

@OopsIFly Dude come on, I know how to setup pitch macro, I even mentioned it in my first post. Can’t you read?

I don’t use pitch macros because it takes too long to program pitch changes on the fly and getting exact semitons is a bitch.

@idem345 Oh okay sorry dude. Ya know my attention is shot down and burned throgh, reading a lot of text is sometimes very difficult for me, so I may once in a while miss some important info.

Ease of programming and exact tuning? I can offer you some solution using modsets and keytrackers, and a formula for exact tuning. It uses dummy instruments to keytrack the pitch of the snare (and hats)… Looky, I have adjusted the example:

Slice pitching example 2.xrns (193.1 KB)

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the easiest way to do this is to turn the ticks per line down to 1 from 12 (the default number i think) and use the Uxx Dxx effect.

To compensate for the ticks per line being 1, you can increase the lines per pattern.

This is my method anyway

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works a charm for me too. you lose the retrigger command but i prefer to do that business manually anyway

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Holy shit thank you @justinf !! That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Awesome!

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