How Can I Put 135bpm Track To 130bpm?

Hey , i exported track into 135bpm, now i need have it on 130bpm, but i cant do that in renoise/ doesnt matter why :)/ so is there any vst plugin which can put 135bpm on 130 in very very good quality???

It can be done with audio editors like Soundforge or CoolEdit. (In CoolEdit Pro - Timestrech effect)

I would like to know why? ;)

Re-Editing the source can sound much better and can be done easier… for me at least.

Just change the speed to 130, make some changes on your instruments etc. if you need to. (Like loops etc. or instrumentenvelopes)

Then import it & be happy :)

It’s weird that you keep it as such a secret. :huh:

or just hit some delete and make a new one…

Oh my Goood!!! People, this guy needs help, so help him!

It’s possible with audioeditors using timestrech commands, or just by raising the pitch. You can also do it using granular sample synthesis, timestrech effects work this way. Check CEP, there should be this function there.

you can simply downpitch it to 130 bpm, which might work best. every sample-software I know has some pitchcontrol, you just need to calculate the right values to put in. and thats basically something every dj does all the time, so its not that bad. (the value for cooledit would be 103,84615384615384615384615384615 for example, thats (135/130)*100 (because cooledit works with percentage) or -65,5 cents if you use a cent based software (100 cents = halftone)). the only downside is that the whole song gets detuned, but as I said, thats something all dj’s do all the time.

the other way is to try timestretch, but this can be a disaster. if you go and try, do not use anything else then prosoniq timefactory, every other timestretch software I know sucks badly compared to it. (for example, the timestretch of cooledit pro is completely useless, except if you want to go for that completely overused “old-time-timestretch effect”. it does this one even with the “high-quality”-setting :) however, although it might work because the change you want is not that big (about 4%, and timefactory really works well with 30% up or down), it might not work because its a whole song, and thats not easy to do for the software.

I always prefered Cool Edit only for Time Stretching instead of SoundForge.
Now I’m really excited about Prosoniq Timefactory :)