How Can I See

I haven’t got the faintest idea which version I registered anymore.
Can you see this in a particular file in the Rn-directory?


It will say on the splash screen when you load up, in the bottom left.

no, he meant at which version he payed for renoise. like if for 1.10 or 1.2 or whatever.

hmm… maybe in the registration confirmation email?

good question by the way :)

Yes , I want to know that too!!
any of the devs who can help?

I think the website developer has to build this into the website. (most logic that you can see there when you registered)…

Maybe one could add an About button which says

Programmed By xyz
Registered To abc
Current Version : 2.18
Registered Up To Version 2.6

Or put all this on the splash screen.
Because my registration email is a definite goner. :)

I’ve still got a print of the oerdering page, but there doesn’t seem to be any info about the version there… Just “Renoise Professional audio software”. And I haven’t got the e-mail too. :) I only wrote down my password and deleted it.

It’s not in the email either.