How can I setup Max 8 and Renoise?

I want to use Max 8 (formerly Max/Msp) for some visuals triggered by Renosie. Is there a tutorial on how to connect both?

Sorry I can’t help with anything definitive but OSC and scripting is probably the key, maybe check out that route some more.

You woud want renoise to send specific osc messages which you can then capture in MAX and use to trigger your visuals. Maybe there’s a VST that will do the trick and save you some scripting. I just found this, maybe that’s all you need:

You can also do it via a virtual MIDI cable.

In Renoise, set the [virtual MIDI cable in] as instrument.
You can find MIDI instruments in the three stripe menu (button) below the instruments.
Trigger notes / MIDI CC data with the **Instr. MIDI Control …DSP

In Max, set the [virtual MIDI cable out] to select your triggers.

There are several virtual MIDI cable systems, and Mac has a built-in one.

If you need things to have inertia, look at this post:


Duh, yeah. Much simpler.

I somehow got hung up on the inferior signal resolution of midi and stuff and dismissed it entirely but for triggering that’s not an issue anyway and most applications will work fine as well.

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Thanks my people! Gonna try this and once I get it I’ll confirm the solution. Love you all.

You can use ReWire to control Max from Renoise. No need to use extra ‘man in the middle’ programs to connect them. Similar to the virtual MIDI cable thing, but with more tight integration and sample accurate sync.

Then you can even use audio from Renoise to trigger events in Max if you want. Actually i’m not sure this is possible…

The way to set this up is too much to write now, but if you want i can write a guide for you later.

It worked guys, thanks

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