How Can I Use, And Where Can I Get Sidechain Compressor Vst?

or is the duckmode on the renoise compressor a sidechain? any ideas. I’m trying to make Schranz techno and i hear sidechaining is ideal…

so i have to use an S01 channel on renoise to get this working? I want to sidechain the kickdrum to the compressor. ??? :drummer:


now, we need to have this sticky now -> Posting and you

that link is somewhat lulz… and amazingly enough, could be informative for noobs

go on msn i will give you a sidechain (monday because i go to barcelona in 2h)

pffft, wretched internet bullies.

oh and thanks matt

This forum is not swamped by sidechain discussions, srsly… but heer, iz helps u:…mp;hl=&st=0
counting 55 threads dealing more or less with sidechaining… so go figure.

Or click this link ;)…all&CODE=01

is what you are looking for.

Sample usage: (“Inspiration” uses this compressor a lot)

another doa brethren asking the same noob question i did :lol: