How can I use Trackspacer VST 2.5 in Renoise?

hello - how i can vst trackspacer 2.5 put working on renoise- to kick and bass frequence confict

Trackspacer apparently analyzes the source signal with the help of a sidechain feed.
as renoise currently does not support sidechaining natively, you’re out of luck.

you can btw. get a very similar result without spending 59 EUR for the plugin by using what renoise has to offer natively:

source track (i.e. kickdrum):
Signal Follower | Destination: EQ10 @Bassline Track, Gain Band 1 (which is always a low shelf)

destination track (i.e. bassline):

you can of course then furthermore tweak with attack, release, lookahead and EQ frequency to adjust to your needs.

pro: more flexible, more cpu friendly,
con: manual process, not as accurately negating the source signal


also getting a nice ! dynamic eq can help you make room for competing frequencies… the other day i got the new SHADE by UVi …and that has made working in renoise a lot more smoother …not necessarily for ducking purposes but any related filtering or equalization tasks are super easy with it … also you can set the slope for the built in spectrum to 3db …im very used lately to mix with the flat looking pink noise curve