How can make a powerful sound on Renoise?

Please help me!
If there is no powerful sound of the audio files drum
Are there any effectors that increase Kick’s power?
Please teaching me which effector is best for thickening kick and bass sounds on Renoise.

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one tip is too use a LP with some Resonant and then sweep thru the kik to fin a thumpin frequenz.

second tip wouldbe to use a copy off the kick and filter it with lp to only Basssub left maybre like areund 80-120 hz deppendz. And then layer this one with yur first kick - Also possible too detune the bassy kik a bit down.

third tip add a clipper to the now layered kik and experiment with this.

hope this

Thank you for reply! I will try!

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depends on your content, really. and you should look for some basic mixing techniques first non-related to renoise to understand how to achieve desired effect, then you will easily know how to…
wether it’s layering, eqing, mangling with dynamics, delay(short/long), parallel processing, how to mix a track with good stereo image without phasing/muffling the sound, what should be more “present” and what should not, is there too much room ambient? etc… it really depends on everything that your “kick” is punchy in certain track so all matters… if you create good punchy kick on its own, it’s very likely that in track it will be either burried (because of phase cancellation) or simply because it does not fit the material (without some eq applied)…
The answer is not that simple

Lots of ways to rome. Sound design and mixing knowledge are a deep art…

But for a start, try using the Exciter device on your bassy sounds, and use EQ to dial in any frequencies that are lacking to your taste. Maybe also that maxxbass VST…

Here short simple example for yu so yu can ckek ou yurself. :cowboy_hat_face:
first track is raw kik (renoise sample)
second & third track are the explaind methodzz.
sorry canot attach files in here anymore couse I got mocked by some strange people in here.

Several DSP lane devices may enhance your kick drum:

  • Gainer
    to make things louder
  • Compressor
    to make things bump more (use long attack)
  • Equalizer
    to make certain frequencies higher (e.g. more bass)
  • Exciter
    to add harmonic noise to 3 frequency bands
  • Stereo Expander
    to make things mono or stereo
  • Analog filter; Drive
    to add a little filter distortion to your kick drum
  • Distortion
    to add a lot of distortion to your kick drum
  • Maximizer
    to make sure your (final or kick drum) track is really loud

There is also a plugin that may help in the process of creating kick drums:

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Thank you so much! I will try!

Thank you very much! I will try!

Thank you for reply!

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Thank you for teaching me!

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Wowwzzweerzzz @EatMe :exploding_head: