How did you meet Renoise?

I totally understand when it comes to how you feel about a piano roll. Cool thing is I saw piano roll tool around here as well for those who do prefer that. But if I’m going to manipulate musical data, I want to MANIPULATE musical data ya know?

Plus Renoise makes you look like a genius in front of everyone else. :smiling_imp:


same here
interview with v smares

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It all began in in early 90s ( i think it was in 1990/91). I got my first Amiga. At the beginning i didn’t have much to to with making music. My big brother also was a big Amiga nerd. His best friend was a well known Amiga game cracker in Germany back in the days (Eddy X). He also founded a Amiga cracker group in Germany (Spreadcraft).
He always provided my brother with the latest cracked games.

One day my brother came back from his friend with a bunch of new cracked amiga disks. He gave me some of the disks and said, they may interest me. It was a new freshly released music tracker called Protracker. After my first experiences with this little tracker i was overwhelmed by what was possible with an amiga in terms of music making. I couldn’t keep my hands off it. Never forever.:laughing:
Later i also used the Octamed and Oktalyzer trackers.

In 2002 i switched from Amiga to PC and got familiar with the first PC music programs like the famous simple to use sample based softwares e-jay, Magix Musik Maker, Music 2000, etc.

Then i switched to my first real DAWs like Ableton Live, then Cubase and most recently Reason. I used Reason for many years until i felt like making music with trackers again. In 2015 i was searching the net for modern trackers and found the link to the Renoise site. I tried the demo and was once again blown away by what a modern tracker Renoise is. I immediately purchased a license and was tracking again like in my young days.

Long story short, it was my brother’s fault, why i started making my own music when i was 14.:smile:

I still use my Amiga 1200 for sampling purposes to get that oldschool 8 bit lo-fi sound of the Amiga.


I’ve mostly made my musical stuff on trackers instead of more conventional DAW software and/or MIDI sequencers. I started mostly by doing chiptune stuff on Famitracker then Furnace… I discovered Renoise a year ago and I immediately loved both how powerful this program can be and also how familiar it’s tracker interface was for me compared to other DAWs i saw.


It was included on Ubuntu KXStudio iso so I tried the demo and thought it was so cool (and super responsive) so I ended up buying it. the Linux compatibility was key. i will need a new subscription soon I think its was 2.8 when I bought it :slight_smile:


My first Renoise was Renoise 1.28, which makes me an early adopter. I think 1.28 was even the first version. And since then I bought it.
I came to renoise because I was an FT2-User and although I had a lot of fun with Modplug, I was looking for a real FT2-clone for Windows. So I found Renoise. And my first PC was way too slow to run it. After a while, I got a better PC and I think I bought Renoise 2…

I’m loving this tool although I play around with REAPER often, now. Reaper’s nice too.

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The Polyend Tracker caught my eye some time ago, and upon reading reviews and watching videos I noticed a lot of comments about Renoise. So I downloaded the demo, tinkered with it a couple of days and got hooked. Bought the license last week.

I’ve been struggling with Ableton live for some time but never really liked it. The structure and workflow of Renoise suits me much better, and I’m looking forward to spend a lot of time in Renoise and hang in this forum.


I came to Renoise in about 2010.
I used to make music on Pro Tracker in the 90s and worked with some Amiga demoscene guys who put my music on some game crack intros and other releases.
In 2010 I discovered Renoise
It was as simple as searching for something I could load my old .mod files into and remix them with more advanced features.
I’ve used Renoise ever since then and its my main DAW. I use it live and folks seem to enjoy seeing my Renoise screen projected onto the walls. It has a really ‘Matrix’ type feel

This is my first post in this forum. I’ve read it for while, so saying Hi