How Do I Add An Intrument To The Thing? Lol

Ive taken peoples advice and downloaded the demo.

But i have no idea how to insert an instrument into the sequencer(i think thats what its called).

Ive got a load of samples and things from a vengeance clubsounds cd i have had for years since i planned on learning production and then gave up!.

Lol if anyone could help it would be great


this page should help you.

Thanks a lot, il give it a try.

Sorry to be a pain :)


Ive just tried that and its got me even more lost lol. What i mean is how do i insert an instrument into the “thing” that when i push play will play the beats i have just put down. Its when you first load up with numbers all down the side.

Sorry im not down with the terminology but as i said im a complete newb so im hoping people can put up with me and help me get going lol.

press ESC (or the record button near the upper left corner of the application), then use your keyboard (either QWERTY or MIDI keyboard) to insert notes.

then use right CTRL key (or play button on the upper left) to play

also check this

Ahhh got it now, thanks a lot your a saint in disguise, at least i can lay down a beat now lol


Top stuff!

Il check that out also Bantai, thanks a lot guys :D