How Do I Automate Bpm?

When I open midi files in Renoise, I can see that the BPM is determined by a hex code on the master track. I don’t understand that code tho, so how do I change/automate it?


You can also use some calculators as a secret decoder ring.

80 in hexidecimal is 128, FF is 256. hexidecimal is base 16. decimal is base 10.

so 40 is 64 dec, 20 is 32 dec, likewise 60 is 96 dec, C0 is 192 dec

F0FF is 256 BPM which is the limit to changing the bpm.

F0 is the BPM prefix, so F080 is a 128 BPM.

there really should be an option to automate the speed/bpm/lpb in the automation editor through drawing an envelope or insert dots, preferably in the master channel track in the volume/pan/width path.

you should really read the manual about pattern effects.

the command used to change BPM is :
F0xx - Set Beats Per Minute (BPM) (20 - FF, 00 = stop song)

FF is 255 not 256.