How Do I Automate The Custom Lfo Presets?

That’s why they’re there, right?

No Automation on them!

So I’m stuck with turning several LFOs set for the same destination on and off?
Why are the presets even there?

Presets are like presets in any other DSP. They are not local only to that LFO but if you find yourself using the same shape many times it saves you recreating or copy and pasting it.

Automation of presets has been suggested many times, especially for LFOs where it is less likely to cause a nasty glitch from sudden change in value than in other effects (especially those that have different modes which aren’t automatable (and thus can’t have LFO assigned to them) but obviously can be changed by preset.

Ah, OK, Thanks.
I guess the numbered icons confused me since no other DSP has it’s presets selectable like that.

No I guess it’s more like the 1-8 selectable Automation curves you can save, as the LFO does have normal Presets too, thus maybe a different name could be thought of…

Can’t remember off-hand whether they’re (both LFO and Automation curves) saved with song or globally now though…