How do I automate the "Remix Pads" XY in Alchemy???

Hey Renoisers,

Any of you using Alchemy? If so, any of you know how to Automate the remix pads? It’d be great to learn how to control these right in Renoise.

I tried Automating each x/y using the Instrument Automation & Hydra, but no luck getting the immediate result I’m after like I would get in Another DAW. Perhaps I’m overlooking something? Anybody have success with this?


maybe you missed XY Pad

works great with instrument automation device.

Thanks for the helpful gesture, already tried that.

I don’t know if you have Alchemy, but it uses 8 “remix pads”-- kind of morphable preset variations that can be automated. Simply automating one W/Y doesn’t have the same effect (tried that already, as I said above)

Anybody have success with this? I Love Alchemy, and would rather work with it Directly in Renoise (It’s one of only 2 synths I’m using currently) rather than run it as a Rewire Affair…

I guess all you need is to automate _RemixX and _RemixY parameters.

Sweet! Thanks. Don’t know how I overlooked that.

Now, anyone know how to record XY automation?

Just hold and move XY pad axis with the right mouse button while playing back the song. Don’t forget to enable pattern follow mode before record :)