How do I automate the wet mix of reverb?

I notice you can edit the wet mix of the reverb effect directly from the panel. Although, while the song is playing, If you try to automate the wet mix of the reverb, the echo continues to play even when at 0. So, it must only relate to the start of the note, instead of its duration. I also tried editing the Active / Bypassed automation. Which worked in cancelling the reverb at a specific point, however, when you activate it again the reverb is lost, another downside to the Active / Bypass I found is you can only choose to edit with points, and not linear.

If anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it!

Not sure what you’re trying to accomplish exactly, but the wet on the reverb is basically just the volume of the reverb signal. It won’t effect anything else about the reverb at all. What you might be looking for, I guess, is automating the input of the reverb?

Try putting your wet only reverb on a send track and automating the send amount to it.

Thank you for the response! Using the send track did work! Although I have to make a separate channel for the instrument since the dry is missing.

No need for that, just choose ‘Keep Source’ on the Send device to have the original ‘dry’ signal still playing.