How do I change a song's BPM mid way through the same song?

How do I change a song’s BPM mid way through the same song?

You can use the ZT-- pattern effect command. If you’re not familiar: just type ‘zt’ and the hex number for the bpm you desire in the ‘–’.

With Pattern Effect Command ZTxx or BPM Automation in Master track.

another method, just fyi, and because it pretty cool imo ^_^

you can route a LFO to the BPM, then use a custom curve to draw the bpm changes… then trigger the lfo each time you want the bpm to change… make sure you put the lfo on the master track

If you use ZT, also initialize your BPM with ZT at the beginning of the song, so it can bug out the first part of your song sometimes after you play through your bpm change once.

Hey, here’s an idea for a feature: if you position the cursor on a fx column and right-click/drag on the tempo, it inserts the corresponding ZTxx command, just like for DSP effects :rolleyes:

The problem is that there is not a bar to right click on, like there is for DSP parameters. Right click on the buttons acts the same, it makes a large change rather than a small change (10BPM rather than 1BPM,like Volume changes 1dB rather than 0.2dB etc etc.) Right clicking on the number and dragging and your movements change it quickly, by 10 each time rather than by 1. Slider are of a predefined length and you can’t go past the ends of it and expect it to behave any different than going to the precise end, hence having a right-click operation of it for record makes sense, less so for just arrows and a dragable value textbox.

Right-clicking on the writing Beats/Min or Lines/Beat currently does nothing, no context-menus in that area, and I could see as being a more apt place to have a right-click to insert current value option. :)/>

Have you tried this?:
-Set the current BPM to the BPM you want it to change to
-Click in the control panel on the Fx dropdown button -> Global Commands -> ZTxx

Now the current BPM value is automatically set along with the insertion of the command.

Thx everyone, I got it.