How do I continue a phrase after note release?


I am a bit new to Renoise and come from a chiptune background. I would like to use phrases to arpeggiate notes quickly for a chiptune-style chord.

I use phrases instead of the A command because I would like to change how long each note in the chord is and/or use more than 3 notes.

I also use GFF commands in the phrase to stop the samples from retriggering.

Now, so far, this method works just fine. But it breaks down when I try to apply an ADSR volume modulation to the instrument. The phrase, and therefore the chord, stops upon note release. I would like it to continue so the chord nicely fades out.

Here is a short video demonstrating the problem I am having:

I also found this discussion from 6 years ago describing the same problem, did anything change since then? Phrase tailing

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Thanks for the reply! These settings don’t seem to do anything for my particular problem.