How do I continue a phrase after note release?


I am a bit new to Renoise and come from a chiptune background. I would like to use phrases to arpeggiate notes quickly for a chiptune-style chord.

I use phrases instead of the A command because I would like to change how long each note in the chord is and/or use more than 3 notes.

I also use GFF commands in the phrase to stop the samples from retriggering.

Now, so far, this method works just fine. But it breaks down when I try to apply an ADSR volume modulation to the instrument. The phrase, and therefore the chord, stops upon note release. I would like it to continue so the chord nicely fades out.

Here is a short video demonstrating the problem I am having:

I also found this discussion from 6 years ago describing the same problem, did anything change since then? Phrase tailing

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Does setting the NNA (New Note Action) in the Sampler help?
(See the comboboxes at the left side in the Waveform view)

is a turorial video about Note-Off and the NNA (New Note Action).

Thanks for the reply! These settings don’t seem to do anything for my particular problem.

If you want the arpeggio to continue on note release,
you should make it from a
Pitch enveloppe
in the instrument
rather than one sound