How Do I Cut Off Sounds?

when i record my synth pattern i dont want the sounds overlapping, how can i do this? thanks.

you need to put a ‘note off’ command (capslock) in the track where you want the short notes.

also maybe this is handy for you:…


also, you could do it automatically most of times by setting the “NNA” (New note action" of the instrument to “note off”.

look here for more information

Minimize the amp env release time on synth & use only one note column or put it in mono mode.

If you’ve got a synth VSTi with a nasty tail that persists after noteoff, you’ll have to edit the preset’s release settings like Kameleontti said. Also, if you need the synth to come to a dead stop before a breakdown or something, a gainer dsp set to 0 volume can be turned on and off via pattern commands.

in such case, I would inspect the synth to check if sustain (CC# 64) is enabled before even try to hack it.