How Do I Do This?

Sorry for the uninformative title, but I coudn’t find the correct terms to describe my doubt.

When you play in a keyboard, if you press a key briefly, it will sound shorter than if you press that key a little bit longer.

My doubt: how do I do this in Renoise? Let’s say I put a C-4 in there. And then another C-4 a little bit further:



The first C-4 is short, the second one is longer. If I place OFF after the first C-4, it’s already too long for what I want. So is there a command to make renoise play that note in stacatto (or whatever is it called)?

  1. Use the note-cut command. Quoted from the manual:
  1. Increase the speed to say 03 (if you had 06 before) and put the OFF on the row after the note.


off – 40 d5

a d5 on the pan column will delay the note off of 5 ticks, playing the sampler for a bit longer

Thanks! I’ll try it! :)