How do I enter chords into the pattern editor?

How do enter chords into the pattern editor? Since there’s no chord button, if I have record enabled, and I hit several notes at at time, it enters them all as one line. How do I enter chords?

EDIT: I should specify that I’m trying to enter the notes with the computer keyboard. It works fine with midi, so I really shouldn’t even be worrying about it. LOL

I don’t think you can do it with the computer keyboard that way, you have to put in the chord one note at a time and tab over to the next column.

edit: I also think this is by design because of the “hold and repeat” feature.

Ah, I see, so they’re crippling basic functions for the new version. Oh well, at least I have my midi keyboard, if I didn’t I’d be totally fucked.

Holding the left shift key while striking multiple keys still does the job like the good old days.
When you are recording live it should work if you don’t have the ‘mono’ button toggled in the upper right section of the instrument area of the current instrument that you want to record.

Good to know. :) Thanks very much :)

This even works on my cheap laptop, some key combinations can’t be pressed at the same time though, so it’ll skip a note now and then.