How do I exit full screen on mac

Seriously stumped, just bought it and opened it, fullscreened it, no idea how to go back. Cmd+ctrl+f doesn’t do anything!

Inside Windows is the command ALT + RETURN. Is it for MAC?

  1. Go to Renoise Menu/“Help”
  2. Click in: “List Keyboard Shortcuts”
  3. Search the command: Toggle Fullscreen/Windowed Mode Alt + Return

Nvm, view->fullscreen.

In case someone else has more doubts. Actually you have up to 3 ways to do the same with Renoise.

  1. Use the mouse: Renoise menu \ View \ Fullscreen.
  2. Keyboard command: ALT + RETURN.
  3. MIDI input ( from your MIDI devide): Renoise \ MIDI MAP button \ Global Mappings \ Window \ Fullscreen Mode (assign a control from your device).

You can do the same with a lot of controls, using these 3 peripherals when it suits you.

Sweet thanks, had no idea!

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