How Do I Extract Sounds From A Game?


i was just playing a game on the old playstation and one game has these nice ingame fx sounds (like when you’re moving the cursor, an action is taken, etc…) which i’d be fancy to use in my music. but i don’t know how to get them from the game onto my pc as .wav file.

any ideas on how to do it? i would rather not want to download a random sample pack of game sounds or something like that, i need these particular ones :)

if your television has a line-out or headphone jack, just put a fitting cable in it and put the other end into your soundcard or computer line-in or whatever and record it. something like that should work.

Some of the original Playstations had the audio as a standard CD and you could actually play them in a normal CD player (track 1 would be data, the game, then tracks after that the music and sound effect iirc.)

But only some and I think only the first generation. If you can’t just rip it recording your computer’s output may be the easiest way…

The soundfx-files may very well be gamecreators own dataformat, and impossible to open. You could try finding the correct files by filename, usually pretty logical and easy to find… maybe you get some raw audio out of it. Music often were on cd as normal audiotracks, but soundeffects as datafiles.

hold a mic in front of your speakers.

You can rip the sounds from the files if you have the right tools.

An easier way is to use an emulator and just record the sound output.

PSX had audio output cables too which can be connected to PC.

In the DOS era, there used to be a class of programs called Rippers.

No guarantees that any of these are still maintained or good.

thanks everyone for the input.

i tried using the games as audio cds, unfortunately the disks don’t have any audio files on them. as for recording the sound output: the games have the music playing practically permanently in the background, this makes it impossible to record the raw fx sounds.

so my only possibility would be to rip from the emulators? does anyone have experience with it and know how to do it? sorry, i have never used emulators.

ahhh, brings me back to my ST days, i had quite a few progs to rip sounds and music from games, how i miss those rolling demos from the crackers.
is there an option in the game to turn the music down?

So which game are we talking about, maybe there’s a PC version?

don’t most games have audio options where you can control the volume of the music and the fx separately?
surely you’re gonna tell me this particular game doesn’t :)

If you can’t get rid of the music then I don’t think you’ll have much luck really. It’s all locked in by the developers.

thanks for all the replies, i appreciate it very much. the game in question is Xenogears. as exceptional as all the Final Fantasy games, its soundtrack is an essential part of the game and thus can’t be turned off unluckily.

great game, great music. One of my fav’s.

xenogears!!! love that.

found this:

maybe this nutz person knows more?

maybe if you sample a sound effect, then really process and cut it up in the sample editor, and maybe eq some or put a gate on it, you could get it so the background music is barely there. let me know how it goes!

nice find, thanks. it sounds as if he recorded the samples from normal audio output with the background music. but some of them are usable nevertheless.

very nice, will try this method later. hope it works with ps1 games. cheers wakax.

yo check this out! in the comments, the guy says he ripped the sounds with some program. maybe email him?