How Do I Get A Fat Goa-Synth-Sound In Renoise With Samples Only?

I got no VSTs, no external Synths - only Renoise - and Samples.

I wonder what’s the best way to get thrillingly fat Goa-Style-Monster-Synth-Sounds out of a few basic samples or if that’s possible at all.

Just “Loop-Forward” or “Loop-PingPong” on a very-short Synth-Sample and then play Chords on that?

Actually i’m not that sure what i’m lookin’ for as i don’t know much about goa-acid-shroom-psy-trance - i only know that i’ve been on a few goa-parties and that there were tracks with incredible fat “multilayered” synths - and i want to play with that - i tried to find something on youtube, but that’s not perfectly describing what i’m looking for - but better than nothing: <- 5:10 <- mmh… no… too cheap… <- 5:50 <- still way to slim… <- 1:14 <- still not multilayered enough - i mean - moooore waves. <- 5:17 <- maybe like that, just more layers <- 2:40 <- slowly getting closer… at least to the style. <- 4:35 <- there’s a lot going on there, finally

So - if you got any superfat-synth psychedelic-dance-tracks on your mind that might match my vague criteria, post links.

And even better: hint me on if it’s possible to get ultra-fat-synth-sound out of renoise with samples only - or tell me straight if it isn’t worth the hassle and if i should better look for a good external synth or vst-soft-synth (am on Linux without VST-Support right now) if i want fat “goa”-synths.

Guess i’ll have to buy a synth…

… Ha! No way - can’t be that hard :]

Looking up Wikipedia on Goa Trance:
A well-known sound that originated with Goa trance and became much more prevalent through its successor, psytrance, is the organic “squelchy” sound (usually a saw-wave which is run through a resonant band-pass or high-pass filter).

Mmmh - so do you think that music on the production-level of these “1200 Micrograms”-Guys with Renoise and Samples only?

Maybe somebody knows a nice GoaTrance example .xrns or .mod.

Happy for Hints,



Those are all 303 emulations. Check the 303 thread.

Yeah - actually i rocked away all day on that “Renoise-303-Emu-Setup” in Cyaombinyation with “Andi Vax Mixing Secrets Video Tutorial” and ended up with my first nice GoaPsyTrance-Loops.

Thanks for the 303-Forum-Link - lotz of fun guaranteed with that one.

Hope i didn’t disqualify forever with my late-night-questions yesterday, but formulating questions is often helpful to find out what i’m really after - in the end - i could have figured it out by myself with a clear head, but there was no clear head in yesterdays-overtired-late-night-session.