How do I get OS X Tags to show up as folders in Renoise?

I’m trying to organize my samples. So far it seems that the best way is to select multiple files in multiple folders and tag these files as “Oneshot” or “Drums” or anything like that. Before starting to do this, how do I then display the contents of these tags in Renoise - so that when I go to Disk Browser in Renoise, I am able to see these Tags? I’m not saying “I want to see drum1.wav have drums -tag” visually, I’m saying, how do I “go to folder” that is the “folder” for that specific Tag?

Answering this quickly, I would just use the folder preset shortcuts and store these ‘tags’ individually for each preset button. The Renoise folder browser has its own interfacing and name searches work realtime so the best way is instead of tagging just rename the folder to specific groups and type the first few letters.

Alternatively you can open Finder side by side and use the tags feature and drag and drop to Renoise as needed.