How Do I Get That Granular Sound?

Hi all! Newbie here! Just getting into the exciting world of Renoise :panic: and I have a question…

How can I create those cool granulated groove effects (like the one at the beginning of that great ‘keith303 - stuck in the beehive’ demonstration video and Jon Hopkins also does that kinda thing a lot…)

Any hints or tips would be most appreciated! :dribble:

Probably using the sample offset command 09xx and use very small steps, maybe even repeating the same step over several lines.

Ah, I can see I have a lot to learn…

I was hoping that there’s a tutorial video or something explaining how to do these kinds of effects from scratch…

Open the help menu and load the tutorial song for the sample offsets, should be pretty self explaining.

Thanks Beatslaughter. But that tutorial example stretches the audio out in a granular way. What I am trying to do is get the granular sounds to play IN SYNC with the music - just like at the beginning of the ‘keith303 - stuck in the beehive’ example I mentioned earlier. I don’t understand how to do that…

The best thing is to experiment a bit by yourself. Look closely at pattern 5 of the Beat Slicing example. It’s just a matter of playing with the right sample at a different tempo that it’s supposed to be played plus the 09 effect. That is what you are looking for.

OK, thanks guys. I’m beginning to understand it now. :)

I’ve got another little question: How can I pitch up a granulized sample?
I use a synchronised sample and sliced it with the 09xx effect. So far so good, but i want the sample to pitch up near the end. i tried it with 01xx, but that won’t do the trick (it slides up, but not enough). any suggestions?

add another command column and add another 01xx

never in a million years i would have come to THAT solution… :panic:
but that did the trick (with a nice “squishy” effect too)!
thanks a lot!

yeah if you don’t want that pitch up squishy sound you can just transpose the notes up.
do that by selecting those notes you want to alter and press alt+f2.

in my case that won’t work, because the sample is SYNCHed (makes the math of the 09xx easier ;) ), but thanks anyway! :D

Then render the synced sample and you can transpose it…

Download Keith’s XRNS from
Nothings better than the source :slight_smile:

damn, another simple but brilliant idea i haven’t thought of…!