How do i get the screen to follow whats playing

it keeps staying on the first block and not moving down while playing cheers click on the button top left thats highlighted orange in the screenshot.

thank you mate one more beginner question for you pleaseUntitled

in the left hand corner the blocks orange things , whats the best way to , copy some and move them around and reorder and delete them getting a bit annoyed with it , thanks man

I usually just click drag them around. And shift click if i want to drag a group of them around. Idk if there is a faster way works fine for me tbh. If u wanne copy paste u can just select the group ctrl + c to copy and ctrl + d to duplicate the part u just copied and ctrl+x to delete. Sometimes u have to alt + click on somethings to make the program focus there and make the keyboard shortcuts work.
Using sections helps keep things organised for me aswell.

thanks for your help bro

my song keeps playing to square 6 then jumps back to three any idea why ?

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